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[Darius Lebedzinskas]


Darius co-founded NFQ group in 2002. Today, NFQ is the leading web and mobile solutions development company in the Baltics and Vietnam. NFQ Group combines over 400-strong army of software developers with more than a decade of experience building major global products.

KAYAK, swoodoo, HomeToGo, Rocket Internet, SIXT, InterNations, ZEND Technologies, G4S, OXID eSales are just a few of the names that started working with NFQ many years ago and enjoy an ever-growing and deepening partnership to this date. NFQ's deep expertise in e-commerce and travel business makes NFQ a highly regarded partner for your existing business or startup.

Today, Darius is working with angel investors and VC managing partners on building new startups in IT, Game, Travel industries.

As investor, strategic partner and consultant of many startups, I'm always open for business opportunities and partnership.



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